Organic pasta with spring water

Spelt pasta

You are an informed consumer and know that
the basis for the proper functioning of your body is solid food.

Solid food is the power of nutrients - for the body.

To this add a plate filled with tasty portion of fragrant, hot pasta with attractive shapes and a pleasant feeling of fullness after a good meal ...

Great dish for any occasion - for you, for your children, for your friends.

How healthy is spelt?
Spelled pasta with whole-wheat flour - dark, also contains dietary fiber - one of the most important components of the human diet.
Dietary fiber is the basis of nutritional bacterial flora, which in turn is the basis of the digestive system:
responsible for the proper protection of the bowel, the digestion and absorption of the necessary components of the body.
If you reverse the sequence of events - see how important the fiber is.

Spelt is very rugged, high-grade grain, which missed all chemicals and modifications. It remained in its natural state and so it is grown today. This species has been forgotten by humanity, so that it bypassed any modifications. More - it is resistant to modification. It also has its own protection - spelled husk is so strong that it protects the seed against environmental pollutants, including radiation.

Spelt flour successfully replaced the ordinary flour - you can bake cakes and bread, thicken sauces, soups and pasta do ... :)
The dishes are delicious, very tasty and very filling and have a rich, full flavor.