Organic pasta with spring water

Rye pasta

For the production of noodles we use a whole grain rye flour (dark) and rye flour delicate light - containing all the important health components supplemented healthy living spring water.

Types of rye flour, which are determined based on mineral content (referred to technically as "ash")

type 500 - mineral content to 0.58% - the smallest and whitest
type 720 - mineral content of 0.59% to 0.78%
type 1150 - mineral content of 0.79% to 1.31%
type 1400 - mineral content of 1.31% to 1.60%
type 2000 - mineral content of no more than 2.00% - the thickest and darkest

What determines the nutritional value of rye:

It is rich in carbohydrates starch. It also contains a lot of soluble pentosan and β-glucans, substances that give viscosity food in the digestive tract. It contains less protein as compared to wheat, but - with a very biological value.