Organic pasta with spring water

Rice pasta

Rice accompanied people for over 5000 years and is one of the most important cereal in the world. Over 90% of the rice crop is in Asia and North Africa. It is also cultivated in Europe - in the south of France, Spain and Northern Italy. Rice flour in our pasta comes from Italian crops.

Depending on the degree of purification and processing are obtained different varieties of rice: brown rice - Whole grain rice is called a complete - paddy. Deprived is only a husk and germ. White rice, called polished is gentler because it has pericarp, but has less of protein, fat and vitamins.

Rice flour has a high nutritional value resulting from the amino acid composition. It is used to produce food for special dietary eg. Food for children, breakfast porridge and bread gluten-free. Rice dishes are easy to digest, low in fat. Rice has an average glycemic index, or after consumption of glucose in the blood increases moderately, which is important for diabetics. Rice protein does not contain gluten and is hypoallergenic.

For the production of our pasta use organic flour from rice whole-grain - brown, and white rice.