From idea to production

When I started my way to optimal, healthy diet, I mean nutrition instead of eating, I noticed that in our market is a lot to be done in the area of healthy, ecological food.
Hence the idea of spelt pasta...

…with the most natural nutritional ingredients: spelt and spring water.


My simple and short pasta production history:

The first stage - a contradiction

When I go to the shopping I see a multitude of food products. Over and over again the advertisements. All the time something new and better.
At home, with friends, family - full refrigerator.

And always full bellies:)

On the other hand, the scourge of all kinds of diseases, from heart attacks and cancer by allergies at all, the autism and Alzheimer's disease.


Stage two - trauma:)

conclusion from these observations: offer food products - nutritional value (or rather the lack of it) and the impact on health, which is the cause of many diseases.


Stage three - unhealthy "health" food and questionable ecology

I became interested in healthy food and discovered what hides behind it: it is often a good sales password only for naive. Example - healthy food grown commercially, modified ...


Stage Four - back to the beginning

or do it yourself, but - with true nutritional ingredients. When I bought raw materials, which have many positive values for the body, I started produce my own food. Among many other raw materials was spelt flour, which replaced completely wheat flour.


Stage Five - pasta with spelt and spring water

I came to the conclusion that I can offer a truly nutritious and tasty pasta with spelled and healthy spring water. So I became a manufacturer - manufacturer of healthy organic food that is organic pasta with spelt.


Stage Six – new lines

responding to the needs of our customers I expanded the offer: created new lines of pasta with organic flour: buckwheat, rice and rye pasta.


Jaroslaw Fabijanski