Excellent ingredients

We produce pasta from organic flour:

...and Kapellanka, the living spring water. The source of this water is among the clean fields and meadows of
the Kaczawskie Mountains…

The composition of pasta:

Organic flour - coming from certified organic cultivation (mostly whole grain flours)

Kapellanka water - crystal clear, directly from a natural source, filtered through limestone rocks, sedimentary before 300 million years. With constant and rich composition of micronutrients and preserved biological purity. Source is in the range the Kaczawskie Mountains, below the hill Kapell - hence its name.


What is wholemeal flour?

Wholemeal means that the flour contains whole grains, including seed coat and the germ. This in turn means that the most beneficial ingredients like fiber, minerals, proteins, fats and vitamins are left and get to your plates. When you introduce meal into your diet with whole grain flours, you don't have to use supplements in the form of a pure fiber.
Amount of minerals is also on the higher level. These are the advantages of wholemeal flour.

A characteristic feature of pasta with whole-wheat flour is the color - from beige to brown up according with what cereals and distinct taste.
They have also thicker texture, are harder and less stretchable. Absorb more water so we need to cook them a little shorter than usual pasta, but it also depends on personal preference.

They have high culinary qualities - they are simply delicious :)


WHY Kapellanka spring water rather than tap water?

Everything that is in the spring water, remains in pasta.

Recent studies and conclusions stemming from them are ... amazing. Physics, biology, mathematics - all joined together, naturally!

After all, knowledge about nature. Also - an astonishing nature of water, which is the only substance in the universe, having the characteristics different from all the other substances that we know.

The brain consists of 90% water. You can remove a large part of the brain (brain cells) and still exist normally.

But when the water is removed, the brain stops working. The same applies to the structure of DNA. DNA is packed molecules of water.
If remove the water the chain would fall apart.

The water molecules are combined in groups to form a set, harmonic structure. This can be seen in the petals of snow.
Such a structure has a healthy, natural water. The structure of water (shape connections), is formed by the vibration of water molecules.
The molecules vibrate communicate information which creates a connection between the molecules.
This compares to form words and sentences from the letters. Finally, we are building an information message.

Each molecule of water contains the whole story, including the latest:
pollution, radiation, improper equipment, which flows or is "squeezed" out of the ground.
These negative information reflected in its structure: it is asymmetrical, deformed, it contains errors.
It does not create such beautiful, symmetric star. It does not fit into the cells of our body.
Our body is unprepared to receive water at the construction site.

So it is decisive what type of water you use to eat and drink, because your cells absorb separately every molecule of water through a thin tube into the cell membrane and if this molecule is not suitable geometry your cells will not let her.
You can drink lots of water and your cells will be constantly dehydrated.
Therefore, our pasta based on the living spring water, which is virgin structure (geometry) and full of positive information that bring your body - the Kappelanka spring water.



Calcium Ca2 + 75.15 mg / l

Magnesium Mg2 + 20.66 mg / l

Sodium Na + 6.67 mg / l

Potassium K + 2,12 mg / l


Bicarbonate HCO3 263.40 mg / l

Chloride Cl 13.18 mg / l

Sulfate SO42- 28.60 mg / l


All content components: 453,82mg / dm3

NIH Laboratory analysis is finished in Poznan

Source: http://galony.kapellanka.com.pl/woda/