Eco warranty

We guarantee that our pasta is 100 % organic – starting from ecological flour, through spring water, up to the finished product.


What is a green rectangle with a leaf and a number below?

Eco certificate is a guarantee of the absolute naturalness - pure and free from any chemical contamination or genetic modification. It means that the ingredients of the product, in our case grain flours, come from organic farming as well as the Spring Water that comes from natural, clean environment.


Who issues certificates?

Currently on the Polish market there are several certification bodies that issue the certificates. People working in these companies have adequate essential knowledge. These companies have their own laboratories and outsource the appropriate testing. The company has the right to inspect the farm, the producer as well as products from the store shelves without any warning and at any time. On a standard basis - the certificate must be renewed every year.


What are the requirements of certification bodies?

We begin with the source i.e. the farmer. Certification does not apply to individual crops or products but the whole farm. That means that one cannot get a certificate for eggs if the rest of the farm is neglected and contaminated. Contamination means spraying ground with chemicals, emerging sprouting crops containing chemicals or genetic modification, animals fed with non-certified (non-organic) food, adding to the fodder agents that enhance the efficiency and productivity of the animal, serving hormones and other substances affecting the metabolism. If such farm would like to get a certificate, it first needs to clean and purify the ground, replace the herd, simply needs to make thorough cleaning, which lasts three years and ends up with tests. If the results are positive the certificate is issued.

Most of the Polish organic farms didn’t have to be purified because they were always "managed" traditionally, classically - that is ecologically. Such a clean, uncontaminated farm after passing recommended test receive a certificate that the entire crop and livestock is in accordance with the nature and does not endanger the environment and humans. Preserves, which are produced from its own harvest, are automatically ecological, since they fall within the farm certificate. You must remember that everything can be checked and tested at any time, even preserves located in the store.


How to prove that the product is organic?

Farmer has a certificate. If you are buying directly from the farmer - you can ask him to show you the document - usually everyone have it on the website or different place along with other information about the activities. If the farmer sells products for further processing, to each sale document certification is added. This is repeated in every stage until the sell of the finished product.

Certificate of Fabijańscy pasta:

A certificate is also attached with each grain delivery to the mill (buckwheat, spelled, rice, rye). The mill also has a certificate that the produced flour is organic so to the flour another certificate is attached. This way, we - Fabijańscy Family Pasta Factory gets flour along with the certificates, with the confirmation of ecological resources – so our product can also be marked.


Below is EN-ECO-01-11201 certificate released by Ekogwarancja PTRE Sp. z o.o