Organic pasta with spring water

Buckwheat pasta

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You take care of yourself, take care of health and you know that
Ecological products include traditional, classical, so that with a new label (name) and a new interpretation (form).

Do you like the classics? Something that sets the path and sets the direction for others?

Buckwheat is a classic on our tables. But we forget this in the flood of other dishes.
Buckwheat is very healthy, but still the same dish is boring, besides, not everyone likes it.

Buckwheat noodles has a valid value but a milder taste and ... another nice shape.
Nutritious, natural pasta with buckwheat, ideal for preparing delicious meals for the whole family.

How healthy is buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a very valuable plant because of the health-promoting qualities.
With plants in addition to grains - the so-called. nuts, it is also used
husk (anti-allergic filling in mattresses, pillows, quilts)
leaves and flowers (obtaining organic compound - routine)
indirectly nectar, which bees make honey for us.
It is used in cosmetics, pharmaceutics, herbal medicine and agriculture.

Buckwheat and flour produced from it does not contain gluten.

Buckwheat is a surprising plant - its value goes beyond the health promoting benefits to the human body.

It don't need chemicals, because it is resistant to diseases and pests, so it is an ideal plant for organic farming.

Preparing an "area" for other plants: due to the rapid growth suffocates weeds, and with organic acids contained in the roots

It can turn readily available forms of nitrogen, potassium and easily absorbed by other plants.

That's not all:

It is the healer of sick, sterile soil, and thus the entire ecosystem of the Earth.

It reduces the occurrence of pests and prevents the development of nematodes in the soil, and also - thanks to the extensive root system - aerates it.

In conclusion it is one of the organisms – vegetable :) firmly working and supporting people in activities for sustainable development of our planet :)