Benefits for you

We are what we eat so…

…eating pasta with flour - 100% spelt, buckwheat, rice or rye. Everything is organic, so you get excellent protection, a lot of energy and full of vitality.

Spelt from which we produce pasta is very rugged, high-grade grain that does not require the use of modern farming methods. In addition, this species has been forgotten by humanity, so that it bypassed any modifications. More - it is resistant on it. It has its own protection - spelled husk is so strong that it protects the seed against environmental pollutants, including radiation.

Buckwheat guests on our tables continuously, throughout the centuries, so its positive effects on the body is known and remembered.

Rice is a easily digestible dish, also in the form of pasta. It contains little fat, has an average glycemic index, contains no gluten and is hypoallergenic.

Rye, like buckwheat and spelt, for centuries is an important ingredient of our food and dishes.


We are what we eat, so eating ecological pasta with 100% spelt, buckwheat, rice and rye, you get:

- high resistance

- excellent protection

- wealth of nutrients


Ecological pasta for everyone:

- healthy people to maintain the balance of the body

- sick people for treatment through strengthening growth and regulation of the body's immunity

- convalescents for strengthening, detoxifying and adding vitality

- children for proper development and security in nutrients


More valuable and important informations about the spelt and invaluable impact spelt grain on the human body can be read in all network resources, including publications and the results of many years of research work conducted by German researchers G. Hertzka and W. Stechlowa, work prioress of the Benedictine monastery Hildergardy von Bingen.